Our Mission

To offer mindfully-crafted cannabis business courses and self-development courses that empower entrepreneurs and professionals to succeed in both the cannabis industry and their personal lives.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in providing cannabis courses and self-development courses to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Company Overview

Legally Great Academy (“LGA”) is a black woman-owned, premiere educational and mentorship platform, founded by Laury C. Lucien, Esq. in June of 2021 to help entrepreneurs and professionals succeed in both the cannabis industry and their personal lives.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that it is impossible to succeed in business without first cultivating both the knowledge and mindset for success.The cannabis industry is a highly regulated and very difficult industry to penetrate. If an entrepreneur does not take the time to learn the statutory, regulatory, municipal, and industry requirements, they risk losing tens of thousands of dollars or being locked out of the industry entirely. LGA’s courses are designed to empower students with information necessary to structure their businesses from conception to compliant operation, while helping them cultivate the mindset for success. The concepts and methods taught have been industry-tested by LGA’s Founder and proven to be successful! LGA offers cannabis business courses, cannabis executive and employee training, self development courses, as well as both group and one-on-one consulting.

At LGA, we believe that it is incumbent upon businesses operating in the cannabis industry to serve the communities that have been harmed by cannabis prohibition. The history of prohibition and the corresponding war on drugs have devastated communities throughout this country. To bridge the resulting economic divide, we partnered with the non-profit, Mass Economic Opportunities Now, to help marginalized entrepreneurs create generational wealth by teaching them how to take their businesses from idea to operation. Through the partnership, we provide professional mentorship, employment search assistance, as well as educational and technical support.

Founder's Story

Laury was born in Boston but raised in Petionville, Haiti. A bright student, Laury was a senior in high school by the age of 15. Laury obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UMass Amherst and a Juris Doctorate degree from Suffolk University Law School, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Laury spent over a decade studying various martial arts disciplines, religious doctrines, and spiritual philosophies. She attributes much of her success to the mindset that she cultivated from those disciplines, doctrines, and philosophies.

Laury is the Founder and Education Director of the Legally Great Academy. Laury was appointed by the State Treasurer to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board, where she serves as Chair of the Public Safety and Community Mitigation subcommittee and serves on the Market Participation subcommittee. Laury is the founding member of a co-located cannabis retailer, cannabis product manufacturer, and cannabis delivery courier in Massachusetts. She is a co-founder of Albert Einstone’s, a California-based distribution, cultivation and manufacturing company that produces, develops, and distributes products in California, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan. She is an adjunct professor at both Suffolk University Law School and Clark University where she teaches Cannabis Law. She is a board member of Equal Opportunities Now, a non-profit working to create an equitable cannabis industry. She is the Education Director for the Parabola Center, a nonpartisan think tank of legal professionals and drug policy experts with a mission to provide everyone with access and tools to participate in the drug policy arena. She is the host of the Legally Great Podcast, a podcast that connects business and spirituality. She is a Founder of 67 Degrees Brewing, a craft brewery and taste room in Franklin, MA.

Laury is passionate about giving back to underserved communities. Laury helped over 15 people obtain their certifications for Economic Empowerment Priority status in Massachusetts. She also provided training and technical support to participants in the Cannabis Control Commission’s Social Equity Program. In law school, she participated in the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic, where she represented pro bono clients in a wide range of business disputes and intellectual property matters. Laury also worked with the Housing Unit of Greater Boston Legal Services, where she advocated for clients facing foreclosure.

Legally Great Laury Lucien